Social Wellness Institute leverages our research and refined experimentation techniques to design a new social, political, and economic system conducive to the wellness-focused direction of collective human consciousness.

The Ideology Team

We work with researchers, scholars, and scientist who are passionate about exploring and finding solutions to society ills (mental illness, isms, dating, social media, etc.), aware of ‘Healthy Shifts’ occurring in nightlife, the marketplace, public policy, etc., and excited to pioneer scientific breakthroughs and thought in Psychology, Communication, Sociology, & Public Health, the name just a few.

Our Philosophy

Through our studies, and filling the gap in the literature examining social wellness, particularly in the context of a body politic, including government, institutions, families, and individuals, we will carefully cultivate a socio-economic and political system that enhances the best of human nature while focusing on a culture that masters and overcomes the basal desires of human nature.

Calm African American woman prays for good result of work, makes repair of home, poses against house design project, busy doing repairs, dressed casually, has screwdriver and sticky tape in pocket


Some of the research, policy, and position paper we will design and deliver:

  • Education curricula, norms, and policy
  • Political economy
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship